Seha Foods

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About Company



SEHA Foods is the leading provider of European Standard Sunflower Oil in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Our company provides highest quality Sunflower Oil which is imported from Europe, Russia and Ukraine  DSTU 4492:2005. SEHA Foods provides exceptional quality halal, clean, double refined and deodorized Sunflower Oil. Our Sunflower Oil is 100% pure and contain 0% cholesterol. Sunflower Oil is produced from frozen sunflower seeds providing European Standard Sunflower Oil available in Pakistan and European Markets.


Our agri business provides the highest quality seeds which are imported into Pakistan from all over the World.



Our Mission


The mission of the SEHA FOODS is to deliver environmentally-clean and high-quality products of daily consumption for a healthy and fulfilling life of our consumers.


Due to poor quality of cooking oil available in Pakistan and increasing incidence of heart disease, we are providing highest quality, health , European Standard Cooking Oil at affordable prices.


The company guarantees high quality of products delivered under our brand names.


At its foundation, SEHA FOODS is a professional and dedicated team, composed of highly qualified specialists, a process of quality control and reasonable cost of production.



Quality of Our products


100% Halal Certified


SEHA FOODS delivers you highest quality cooking oil.


Our oils are high quality products from natural raw materials without genetically modified organisms or use of artificially synthesized substances;

Our producers use highest technologies in the manufacture of its products;

Our customers expect only a high-quality product produced from raw materials grown mainly in clean areas of the World free from contamination.Our products are HACCP certified and International Standard ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 DSTU.


SEHA FOODS is exporting oil to many countries, including the Europe, Middle East and Pakistan.


Our products are tested in internationally certified laboratories which carries out continuous monitoring of raw materials and finished products in all stages of the production process, ensuring stable quality oil.


Our Team


Our Team comprises of competent professional spread across the World, mainly in United Kingdom, Middle East and Pakistan.